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13 Eco-friendly gifts ideas to prepare this 2021

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13 Eco-friendly gifts ideas to prepare this 2021

When looking for Eco-friendly gifts, we find ourselves in a difficult task and especially when we have to give it to the smallest of the house. In our daily life, we generate a large amount of waste when we use processed products, so we must look for the best alternatives in order to avoid polluting the environment further.

I present some eco-friendly gift alternatives for you to show off:

1. Seed kits for the season

Depending on the country where you are, the different plants are found and depending on the season you will be able to eat certain fruits or vegetables. Choose to buy fruits and vegetables when they are in season, as these have a less environmental impact.

For your present, you can choose a set of seeds and plants according to your area and season. these could be: aromatic plants, fruit plants, vegetables, or legumes.

2. Stainless steel and glass containers

You can give away reusable stainless steel and glass containers to take our food wherever you want. With the COVID-19 crisis, it is even more important to take care of our hygiene to avoid getting sick, so we should use our own containers to eat or drink on the street or work, that is why this type of gift is very useful.

3. Wooden toys for children

These toys are beautiful, super useful, resistant and educational. It never goes out of style and becomes pretty memories passed down from generation to generation.

4. Eco-friendly gifts: Personal care product kits

These are a beautiful gifts that are always useful. You can find a wide variety of products that are made with ecological, natural materials that have not been subjected to industrialized processes and that will also go well for your body.

5. Personalized details by yourself

You can decorate a cotton shirt, a keychain, a pillow made of natural materials, or any object that you want to give as a gift. This way it will have a unique touch even by using recycled materials.

6. Eco-friendly gifts: Second-hand gifts

Sometimes people immersed in the culture of consumerism, acquire things without needing them, and there comes a time when they want to get rid of them. These types of gifts are usually an economical alternative, they are ideal for recycling or you could use them to make your DIYs ideas. You can buy secondhand item from thrift stores in Destin, FL.

7. Eco-friendly gifts: reusable bags

These bags are super useful and they can be customizable. The use of these bags is of great relief to the planet as it dramatically decreases the use of plastic bags.

8. Diaries made of recycled material

Many times, we have old notebooks or agendas at home that have not been used for a long time. Now is the time to take advantage of them. You can use all the unused sheets and make agendas for your friends, create a scrapbook or album out of them or make them into a beautiful bullet journal.

9. Eco-friendly gifts: Kitchenware

There is a great variety of products for the kitchen made of wood and other eco-friendly materials that we can give. They are usually very cute and will always be useful in any kitchen.

10. Handmade eco-friendly gifts

Near your home you will find a place where they sell handcrafted products, you just have to dig a little and you will find it. Or you could always try and make it yourself! Handmade products never grow old, and they are always a beautiful alternative for a gift.

11. Online coupons for organic stores

This will be innovative as your loved one can choose their own gift. Experiences will be recommended, and you could go together or just gift an experience for them: restaurant, massage, spa…, there are so many possibilities!

12. Eco-friendly gifts made of bamboo

Bamboo offers a wide variety of possibilities. These products are reusable, hygienic and can be kept for a long time.

13. Musical instruments made of bamboo and other natural materials

To encourage musical creativity in a person is a way to cultivate one of the most distinct skills that human beings have to communicate.

You will always find in musical instruments what a great variety of them, in their origin, were made with natural materials. This will always be a good gif, you never know if you will discover a great artist.

To make your gift even more “eco-friendly”, don’t forget to wrap it in recycled paper, or a newspaper that you might find at home. It could be a newspaper, magazine paper or any type of paper you have at home that has already served its purpose and that you can now use to wrap your gifts. Don’t buy new paper that will last for just two minutes, this creates a lot of pollution and waste. Apply to your gifts -whenever you can-, the rules of: reducing, reusing and recycling!